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justin's photo album

welcome to my photo album. i LOVE pictures, but i HATE how most people take them. photography is a beautiful art to me and i cannot wait till the day that i can truely, unrestrictively pursue it. but until i have a bomb ass digital SLR camera, ill have my big ass photo album of shots taken by my lil pc-cam 750, lol. it will do for now. but i have a LOT of pictures (hence the need for a seperate tripod account). but theyre here for no reason other than your pleasure. i try to take pictures when no one is paying attension and from angles that give you a perspective like youre really there. so enjoy, and if you have any pics you like, send em on. i have plenty of space, heheh.



dads-bday cats daves isaiahs johns
lexington movies on-the-road springbreak weed-run worms
goodwill lara me nates-bday paintball people
trippin-pics easter 4-20 tater's adventures
a country ride
franktown fun
the morning after
cats-bday cara-ashley-countryride latenight-bball


chain maille juggling balls 2:41pm John 4-wheelin 666 @ 4:20 benches @ powell plaza
new art by naoto hattori
his site
blender 3d modeling bush shakes hands with domo huge buddhist cave statue buddha statue
my dorm, commonfilth a bg by john cows finger everytime you masturbate..
john's rainbow long night a rockslide in WV another shot the shadows of Travis and Matt
tree molester corey - in da building big dave makes an announcement @ LanParty7 suziq and others (i think) sheep, tim and paul