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here is one hellaciously awesome chic that lives in new york. she's really a citizen of the world more than any one nation (she actually has dual citizenship or something). HUGE pothead and as of recently a shroom fairy. i cant wait to finally hold her in person


baby lara beautiful shot big eyed bleep boobies
in the city eyemind floored flying sky high funky tree
hahaha-yep-thats-me indiaeye jesus is my homeboy lara, goin to club lara
lara again lara chilled lara, nice hair lara on bed (with shawl) my ankle
her artwork lara's shoe singing smoking with friends something
stoned yoga in gym sunset lara things-you-do-when-stoned tv wet
baby lara liked buckets chillin out an exact likeness laras lips utilizing pen-holding skills toots gone topsy turvy

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