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this what the first night amir brought me around lexington partying. it was AWESOME. the first house we went to had free beer on tap. they were passin out free shots of vodka and there was a decent live band downstairs. there was probably 50 to 70 people there and it was just crazy. then we left there, walked forever and ended up at another party. then me and amir ended up smokin with this chic and then this other guy and then crashin and smokin more then really goin to sleep.... lol, it was an awesome weekend


pic of the crowd @ 2nd party walkin lots of beer and a chic crikey! walkin- ditched the annoying dude
hot foreigners group hug ian, tony, and that chic justin and amir hot lesbians takin a nap
linda and a dude some action @ 2nd party still walking pals just entered 2nd party
seein dots @ 1st party the crowd @ 1st party still more walkin lets all go to the ho tdog

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