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dude, this was the funnest part of christmas break. it was so awesome cuz we would just go to the movies and get stoned all the time and play frisbee and it was the perfect break, lol. i mean... as perfect as one could expect in pville, i guess, lmao. but anyway, there's some cool people in these shots. corey might be movin to richmond and allison is goin to eku in the fall.


allison workin concessions allison lookin stoned corey a drinkin somethin corey a corey a again
corey w and justin c corey w talkin bout somethin corey w jason, chilled jason, the manager
light around jason lensflare shot superior jason that annoying guy justin a, chilled
justin c justin c, chilled justin c again corey w's successor another lensflare shot
justin a at the movies

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