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dude, the rest of the people on this trip complained (and i could see where they were comin from), but i enjoyed myself thoroughly. they seemed to be less confident in their level of fun. but i guess im just really tranquil like that. an absolutely beautiful camping trip to me would have been us all able to go on that entire camping trip hardly speaking a word, but still having fun, trippin, and then hangin out around the fire and stuff but still be happy with just being there in nature and soaking it all in. i guess most people need conversation..


april at camp april and tater on the walkway april on the walkway pic of april shot of camp
done with the final look some driftwood a green shore justin, loadin up justin and a sleepy tater
leah, fixin the tent loadin up the palm tree trio no beach no parking
onlookers back on the road the shoreline trees waves

up a level.